Saturday, April 17, 2010

other weirdness

it's time for more symptoms of pregnancy that i knew little to nothing about prior to embarking on this adventure:
  • facial hair. now granted, what i've got growing has nothing on the bearded lady at the circus, but i definitely have a very fine (as in, lack of thickness) set of peach fuzz mutton chops... i'm not even sure if ben can see it, but looking in the mirror, in just the right light, i can see it, and that's enough to make me feel like wolverina (because wolverine is a guy, and i'm not a guy). ben's boss thinks i'm having a boy, because supposedly, facial hair is from the testosterone, thus i must be growing a boy.
  • also on the "this is what i think you're having" poll, i've had one friend tell me it's a girl, though with no reasoning, i've heard "boy" in response to the fact that i've had no morning sickness whatsoever (minus the popcorn incident, of course, but that doesn't count), and i seem to remember someone else telling me "boy" because i'm carrying low? i don't really buy into all the old wives' tales gender predictors, although the facial hair could make a little bit of sense, i suppose. but carrying low? i've heard that one is off anyhow, but on top of which, i'm frikkin 6 feet tall. i'm pretty sure wherever my bump is, it'll look low. having said all that, i don't really mind when people tell me what they think i'm going to have; it's entertaining. but i won't put any stock in it. one of two options, i'll be happy with either as long as it's not both in one (i'd really hate to have to decide if my child will be a "jamie lee curtis" or if maybe baby should be a "james leon curtis"... just sayin... not that i wouldn't still love my child if that was the case, it would just be an overly uncomfortable predicament.)
back to the weird symptoms...
  • my nails seem to chip/tear a lot more easily. i thought hair and nails were supposed to grow quicker and longer during these 9 months. my hair seems to be doing alright. my nails sometimes seem troubled. (although i am finding when i keep them painted, they're a little sturdier. makes sense.)
  • i can crave food that makes me gag, and be hungry even when i'm nauseous. exhibit A) i finally found a can of tuna not too long ago, made a tuna melt, and the smell was horrendous to me. but i scarfed it down, anyway.
  • if my throat was an airport, and my gag reflex was equivalent to terrorist threats, i'm pretty sure i'd be on red alert almost 24/7 - just getting over another cold and (sorry if this is a little gross) my congestion is lingering both in my sinuses as well as the back of my throat. in attempt to clear out the menacing mucus, i've tried hacking and coughing and making noises you thought only lumberjacks could make, but often this ends in me gagging and almost puking (even though it's not nausea-related). and as for other things that make me gag (although often it's psychologically, not always physically), even the cat licking herself gives me the creepy-crawlies, the smell of cat litter grosses me out, gore in movies is now repulsive, and any kind of chemical fumes (smoking, paint fumes, old-lady-cologne, etc.) have become a personal offense. i mean, i know i've always been a little squeamish when it comes to blood, but i feel like i'm being overly-sensitive, and yet i can't seem to control what irks me these days. and these things don't send me running to the bathroom, but my thought center certainly goes there. like i said, it's weird.

in other news, baby is the size of a lemon this week, which confused ben, because he believes that peaches (baby's size last week) are bigger than lemons. maybe it's length, not overall volume? regardless, it's fascinating to think of our little mushroom wiggling fingers and toes and testing out new movements and functions and swimming around in there, just chilling out... but i still feel so "normal" (ie, not feeling pregnant), that sometimes i have to keep reminding myself that he/she is in there. i'm greatly looking forward to finally feeling movement, which i've heard is around 20 weeks? (i'm 14 as of today.)

lastly, we keep collecting more stuff for the baby, this time via my mom. it was "amnesty day" back in their town, where people put all the stuff they don't want anymore out on the curb for free, and since it's a pretty nice town, you'll often find pretty nice stuff, and in really good condition, which is crazy to me, because who hasn't heard of ebay?! although that does take time and effort, and i'm really grateful that people are either really lazy or really generous with their stuff, because this is what my mom found for us:
  • one toddler bike seat that fits over the back wheel of a bike (i have memories of riding in one of these as a small child and LOVING it!)
  • one portable crib for us to use at their house when we come to visit
  • one Peg Perego Prima Pappa High Chair Roller, which i had never heard of, but according to my mother, they're uber high end, and it has all these amazing features, like an adjustable height, a tray that removes single-handedly, a seat that reclines if baby falls asleep, wheels for rolling that also lock into place, and it's collapsible! (i never thought i'd get so excited over a high chair.)
and she got it all for free!!!

i think every town should have an "amnesty day."


  1. zoe, all those symptoms you listed brought me right back to a year ago--you're more normal than you think :) pregnant women are touchy! physically, emotionally, it. i wish i was there to witness it!

    AND i'm sooo jealous of your highchair, let me tell you. we're still using a bumpo (if you know what that can borrow mine) because we didn't get a highchair and are still hoping to land on a nice free one :)


  2. thanks christina! i really wish you could witness it too. but ben's doing pretty good with being patient with me - especially my mood swings/increased cry-ability :P

    good luck with the hunt for a high chair!!!

  3. zoe i just love that you are waiting to find out what you are having till the baby's "birth day," I think tht is so much fun...i wish i would have waited to find out with aj.
    plus its fun to see what people guess; i think it's a girl (and i'm a good guesser) can't wait to see if i'm right!