Thursday, March 25, 2010


i just woke up from another afternoon nap, and getting out of bed feels near impossible...

when i get home from work in the afternoon, the bed becomes a siren, calling me to crash in her soft billowy waves of cotton and cushion. and i figure, hey, why not? i'm pregnant, i probably need a nap.

but then i wake up, and i feel so groggy. last night i had the hardest time falling asleep - i'm sure part of it may be the fault of a wendy's frosty that ben and i shared last night. but i don't doubt that my hour long nap that i didn't get up from till 5:30-ish probably didn't help matters either.

today i got off work earlier, though, since i started at 6 am, so i figured a nap at 1:30 or so wouldn't be too dangerous...

oh glory. maybe i just need some chocolate? that will surely get me out of bed! :D

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