Thursday, May 13, 2010


i don't know how i got so busy all of the sudden... i don't even feel that busy. maybe in all my pregnancy-related forgetfulness, i forgot how to properly manage my time? (ha! i know i can't blame my "preggo-brain" forever, but while there's a baby in my womb, i'll continue to use it.)

anyhow, there's a lot i've been meaning to do: take/add pictures of the nursery (it's so adorable, just wait till there's a baby in it!!!), take new pictures of the ever-growing bump, and i think there were other baby-related postings i'd wanted to add on here...

but along with all that, i'm now working 30+ hours each week, my parents were here for a week, there are chores to be kept up with (on my good days, anyhow... the slow days where i'm nearing exhaustion, it seems almost impossible to process just one thought, but i'll attribute that to the extra little human my body is miraculously growing inside of me. isn't it just so crazy-amazing that the woman's body is able to take a microscopic squiggly tadpole, a tiny little egg that was created while i was still in my own mother's womb, and from that, an entire human being is created? and from the dna within, that little human will grow to be an adult human, with a brain and thoughts and a heart and feelings, and everything in between needed for survival. it's just mind boggling. you'd think i'd need to go to the craft store or something. add some superglue, attach some yarn here and there. but nope, just get the nutrients and rest that i need, and wham! in 9 months, my body has already done all the work, i just need to push the thing out, and even there, my body will pretty much act on its own behalf, with very little input from my own conscious will... astounding stuff.)

and can you believe this saturday i'll be 17 weeks already? (woops! strike that!!! i'll be 18 weeks as of this saturday!) in just 3 days, i'll be exactly (if baby is "on time") 5 months away. it's going by so fast, and from what i hear, the older we get, the faster it goes.

anyhow, it's thoughts like that which get me sidetracked.
all of this to say, suddenly it seems i have so much to do, and neither the time or energy to get every big and little thing done. so first i'm learning to prioritize, and eventually, i'll get this thing properly updated :\

(hopefully sooner rather than later)


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