Sunday, May 16, 2010

"snissing" and such... (perhaps a little t.m.i.)

so pictures won't be in this post. :\
(mmaaayyybe tomorrow, or else wednesday or thursday, as those are my days off this week.)

but in other baby related issues - two nights ago i sneezed, and i ended up peeing my pants a little. i thought that didn't start till after i had popped out say, 3 or 4 kids? (i've noticed in the bump community that it's known as "snissing" - a combo of "sneezing" and, i assume, "pissing")

yikes. i was thoroughly embarrassed, to say the least. ben just laughed, mostly at me, but i did laugh a little too, in my shame. thankfully, we were at home, so no else was able to witness the trauma.

time to start buying depends? (ha! not quite.)

the weird thing is, my bladder didn't even feel full. i had no urge to use the little girls' room, only the urge to sneeze. and then i feel like a little kid, back in kindergarten, wondering what i'm going to do about the puddle under my chair. (granted, i didn't completely relieve myself. it was barely a dribble, but i was embarrassed enough that i went and changed immediately.)

anyhow, so there was that incident.

then! last night, ben and i finally went and bought a wii! we'd been saving up for either an xbox 360 or a wii. i knew i would give the wii lots of love and attention, but ben wasn't sure he would enjoy it. he wanted the xbox 360 for call of duty, and maybe halo or some racing games i believe? and then we discovered that there's call of duty for the wii, too! ben wasn't sure how much he'd play the 360 to make it worth it, so we settled on the wii, and oh i love it! even ben seems to enjoy it - although the classic controller we got isn't compatible with his call of duty game - which is why we bought that remote - so that's been a little difficult to figure out, but otherwise, it's still oodles of funsies!

and how is this baby related, you may be asking? well for one, i mean, sure, it may not be as invigorating as a workout on the elliptical at the gym, but i'm super enjoying wii sports (the only other game we currently have). i tried the wii boxing last night, and good gracious! i could feel the burn in my arms, that's for sure! so while it certainly doesn't replace working out, it's a nice addition to my attempted exercise "routine" in efforts to maintain healthy weights throughout this pregnancy.

AND, after baby arrives, i'm hoping by then we'll have saved up enough for the new wii fit, so then when baby is sleeping (and i've had time to recover from the heroic endeavor of birthing baby), i can start working on ridding myself of that dreaded extra "baby weight" by exercising in the comfort of my own home and not have to worry about waking baby, bundling baby, leaving baby with gym's nursery staff while i work out elsewhere and wonder if baby is doing okay - on top of which, if i'm at home, i don't even have to be showered or in clean clothes!

not that i intend to become a total slob post baby's arrival, but at least the societal pressures of working out in a gym will be lifted :p

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  1. i love that you wrote about snissing. i also love when people put words together, its hysterical. my favorite lately is swass (sweaty... you know).
    Anyways, im so happy to hear you are planning to come visit after the baby is born! I cant wait to meet him/her!
    No pressure on the pics, i just want to see you!
    Hope you are feeling well!