Thursday, May 27, 2010

oopsie poopsie! (or, how sugar does NOT help me sleep at night)

so tonight (or rather, last night, as it's currently 2:48 in the morning) i had some girl friends over, and we made a bunch of delicious food together and watched the movie "precious" (an excellent and important movie, a harrowing story filled with heartache and unimaginably appalling situations - one that i had wanted to see, but ben didn't, and some friends did, hence the get together.)

anyhow, our food was much more enjoyable:

  • baked brie in a puff pastry shell filled with cherry flavored cranberries, pecans, honey, and a hint of rosemary. don't worry - i made sure that the brie was pasteurized, which my OB said was fine for me to consume, and we baked it, so i'm double safe :P i think this has to me my new most favorite appetizer ever.
  • hot dish (most of my friends here have never heard of "hot dish") - ben's favorite: rice, corn, ground beef, mixed with cream of mushroom soup and a few spices

and let's not forget dessert!

  • chocolate fondue!!! :D and you'll never believe what i finally got to try dipping into chocolate: BACON! i think it might be my new favorite dessert ever :P we also had strawberries, marshmallows, and dried mango for dipping. it was excellent.

after my friends went home, ben and i watched a little bit of the finale of "biggest loser" before going to bed. we finally agree that we're both too tired to finish the episode tonight, so we go to bed, and i'm able to fall asleep relatively easily.

but then, as has been happening more frequently, i wake up finding myself completely uncomfortable and unable to find any position that will enable me to fall back asleep. i finally realize (you'd think it would be an instant realization, but it's not) that my bladder is full and so i head to the bathroom, knowing that this will help me fall back asleep.

i crawl back into bed, only to engage in more tossing and turning. i am wide awake. and i think it's the chocolate's fault. (and i suppose my own for eating so much of it so late in the evening.)

before i got pregnant, i knew full well that any caffeine after about 5 pm was almost guaranteed to keep me up late, wide eyed and bushy tailed. (maybe not so bushy tailed, but definitely wide eyed.) caffeine at 5 would probably keep me up till 1 am; caffeine at 7 or 8 could easily keep me up till 3 am. it was awful, and i quickly learned not to drink caffeine after 5 pm.

i should have known that the effects of even the small amount of caffeine in chocolate would only be exacerbated by pregnancy, and that similarly, sugary foods would have the same problematic outcomes if ingested late into the evening.

i’d say it was around 8-ish? that we were diving into the chocolate fondue.

and whaddya know, here i am, unable to fall back asleep, and it’s now 3:37 am.

at least i don’t have to work tomorrow (i mean today).

it also probably doesn’t help that we have our ultrasound and doctor’s appointment today, that we’ll get to see baby again - hopefully more active than last time we saw him/her, and that i’ll be 20 weeks as of this saturday.

that’s halfway baked.

i’m so excited for this baby.

and i think i'm tired enough to finally maybe hopefully go back to sleep. (hallelujah!)

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