Saturday, August 21, 2010

comforts and discomforts...

so as (i think?) i've mentioned before - ben's parents put an offer in on a house in owatonna that we'll be renting from them once it's ready. at first they were told that the closing wouldn't be until september 6th (or possibly sooner, but as they'd requested a sooner closing date with one of their counter-offers, and the bank refused the date but accepted the offer, we figured the bank was going to be obnoxious about it and make us wait till september. oy!)

comfort: well, turns out, they'll close this tuesday - hallelujah! which means barry and the boys (you'd think they're a rock band, but they're not) will be able to get in that much sooner and start doing all that needs to be done. which is SUCH a relief that we'll actually most likely be in by mid-september (and not beginning of october!)

(i was freaking out about that a little bit as evidenced in my last post.)

discomfort: it didn't help that one of the couples in our birthing class just gave birth to their little girl this past week - she was 2 months early. i have less than 2 months to go. i know i'm not a high-risk pregnancy, i don't smoke, i no longer live in high elevation (which i've heard is another factor towards premature delivery), but learning of this other couple's early delivery made me start to feel like a ticking time-bomb, only i have no clock to tell me exactly how much time we have left. sure, i'll probably make it to 40 weeks (give or take about a week), but at 37 weeks, i'm considered full term, and really, this baby could decide to be done baking at any time, and that he/she is ready to pop out of the oven, regardless of our readiness.

that makes me a little nervous still. but now that things are about to start really moving forward on the house, i've decided to focus my attention there by picking out paint colors, imagining furniture arrangements, and dreaming up how wonderful it will be to have color on our walls again.

currently 32 weeks, only 8 weeks to go and 5 weeks until this baby is considered full-term. and again, only more evidence that i'm getting closer and closer to motherhood, and i don't feel nearly as ready as when we first found out we'd be having a baby. funny how that works. (i take solace in the notion that no one is ever fully ready...)

i've started to be able to actually feel baby's various body parts. not that i can distinguish between hand, foot, butt or head, but i'm getting more than just kicks and movements - actual jabbing appendages that linger, which makes it easier to say, "hey ben, put your hand here. i'm not sure what it is exactly, but it's some part of the baby." and then we poke and prod, and the baby must not appreciate it too greatly, because before long, the baby will move. but still, it's easier to picture a real baby in there when i can actually feel with my hand what might be an arm (or leg, or back, or some other various portion of this baby).

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  1. i have to say, what was even more weird than feeling the baby through my belly was when she came out, i felt her little elbows and thought, "so THAT'S what that was!"

    hilarious :)