Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a quick update that isn't really an update...

there's so much i've been meaning to write about, plus i need to take more pictures - at 29 weeks and 3 days, baby has moved up another fruit size, and i'm sure the difference is noticeable :P

but for now, let me just say this:

i keep getting zits on the inside of my ears, and they're driving me nuts. how am i supposed to pop a zit i can neither see nor reach?

my feet are constantly swollen, even when i put them up. i wake up with puffy feet, and i go to bed with even puffier feet. but as i told ben this morning, i'd rather have swollen feet than stretch marks. (which i've been able to get away with only a slight few, and none on my belly. if they do show up, so be it, but i'll gladly do without if i can.)

moving is a lot more exhausting during pregnancy than i would have expected. granted, it was nice not to have to lift a single thing into or out of that u-haul truck (and to all our friends who helped, we really can't thank you enough!!!) but sheesh, i am zonked! i guess i figured since all i had to do was pack up our stuff and ride in a car, i wouldn't be so worn out by the time we got here.

i was thinking i'd take monday to catch up on energy and then be back to normal (whatever "normal" is at 6.5 months pregnant...)

but ben's mom said i'd need a few days.

she's definitely right. i need a nap.

i honestly have a hard time understanding how growing a baby could take so much effort that what little i did to get us moved out here would knock me out so easily. it's still so frustrating to feel so limited. (bending over now involves impersonating the elderly.)

that being said, this pooped little preggo is headed back to snoozeville for a little nap time.

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