Monday, July 26, 2010


i passed my glucose test, which means i don't have gestational diabetes!

i wasn't worried that i did, but they test all preggos for it these days, and if your results are over the cut off even by one point, you have to go back and do the whole thing again, only you have to fast for 12 hours prior, then they take your blood 3 times over 3 hours while you wait at the hospital, and the first test seems a little faulty because something like 2/3 of women fail the first test, and then pass the second one. sounds pretty obnoxious, if you ask me!

anyhow, the whole process wasn't so bad, except getting my blood drawn. that pinch of the needle, ooooohhhhh, makes my skin crawl. i just hate it. every time. and i have some serious bruising on my arm where they took the blood out. really folks, there's gotta be an easier way to do this!

but all in all, i'm very relieved. with the upcoming move and all that it entails, the last thing i need right now is another something to keep track of.

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  1. Congrats! I'm glad that you passed! I failed all of mine. I had to do a five hour test that was hell! I'm happy that you and the mushroom don't have to deal with that! Hope you are doing well!