Wednesday, July 21, 2010

so much for having the nursery done....

some time after we found out about little baby mushroom's impending arrival, ben and i started talking about moving back to minnesota to be close to family again.

the way we figured it, ben would contact the district manager back in minnesota, let him know that we were interested in moving back to the area, and that if any job openings came up out there, ben would like to put his name in and be considered for the job. originally, ben had planned to call sometime in august, and we both figured that there wouldn't be any openings or that we wouldn't move back that way till a few months after the baby is born. (why we figured this, i'm not completely sure. maybe just our ideal of how it would work? who knows.)

anyhow, i started to worry, though - i didn't want to end up moving too close to the due date, and for one reason or another, ben ended up calling the district manager for southern minnesota sometime back in june.

turns out there was a lot of movement happening in that area, and many possible openings for ben to consider applying for... long story short, a lot of doors were opened, there was one store/town in particular that we really wanted to be in, but it seemed it might be a bit of a stretch for ben to get the position. i'm convinced that God is behind it all, because sure enough, the position ben wanted opened up. he applied for it, and was given the official offer on monday.

we're still waiting on the final verdict for when the district manager for wyoming will have a replacement ready so that we can leave, but they want us back in minnesota by august 1st. we'll probably end up leaving by the 29th or 30th of july, but it's possible we won't get out till the 1st or 2nd.

and now we're in crunch-mode. boxes are everywhere, we're packing up as much as we feel we can live without for the next week and a half, trying to figure out a place to live (which isn't the easiest from over 1000 miles away, but with ben's parents close by to the town that we'll be moving to, they have been a huge blessing in checking out the area for us and looking at rentals and helping us figure it all out. thanks again, momma & poppa B!!!), i'll need to find a new doctor, oh yeah, and we'll have to re-set-up the nursery. i'm okay with it... we're both just so very excited to be close to family again.

so if i don't find time to update in the next week and a half, well, i hope you'll understand.

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  1. Your looking at this wrong...You GET to decorate the nursery again! So fun!
    i'm really excited that you and ben are moving back to MN and will be closer to family, it will be such a blessing to have them closer once the baby is here.
    i'll be thinking about you and praying for you while you pack and move--i know that parts not fun...