Saturday, July 3, 2010

fruit change day!

baby is now the size of an eggplant - wooo! (i feel like i should make some eggplant parmesan tonight to celebrate baby's graduation to the next fruit size, but i've already gone grocery shopping, and with the 4th of july festivities going on this weekend, downtown is crazy-busy. i've no desire to endure that headache again if i don't have to.... maybe later this week, because now i'm seriously craving some eggplant parmesan.)

AND! ....

i'm 25 weeks pregnant!
(i suppose it's time to take another photo of the bump?)

Week 25
Got a dark line running down your belly? That's your linea nigra, and it's totally normal. Pregnancy hormones might also be making your complexion a little spotty. Switching to oil-free, water-based, noncomedogenic makeup should help clear things up.

being fair skinned, i'm happy to report that i definitely don't have a dark brown stripe down the middle of my belly, but there's certainly a very faint variant of "linea nigra" showing up. ben sees it, too, so it's not just my imagination.

and my check-up appointment on wednesday went fine. it was the first appointment where we didn't get an ultrasound, but we did still get to hear baby's heartbeat, and i feel the little bugger moving around quite often now. it's still weird to me if i think about it for too long, but that doesn't stop me from loving it. i feel so much more connected to baby when i can actually feel for realsies the movements and kicks and bumps and whatever else it is that little mushroom is up to in there... ben finally felt some more definite movement too - he got a huge kick the other night. i told mushroom to keep kicking dad now, as this is the only time we would encourage such behavior.

the only bummer to the appointment was the shocker that i've gained 12 pounds this past month. i definitely don't feel like i've eaten that much or exercised that little, but i guess the scale doesn't lie?

i really want to be as healthy as i can - exercise/diet (as in, what i eat on a regular basis, and definitely not the act of trying to lose weight)/body image/etc. - for both this baby and for me. i know the closer i stay to the 25-35 pound weight gain guideline for pregnancy, the healthier this baby will be, but i'd be lying if i didn't also admit that i'm afraid to gain too much weight. so a lot of this desire to be healthy is for me as well; wanting to be in a healthy routine now of eating foods that are good to me (instead of all the processed junk out there) and exercising regularly/staying more active. the life of a couch potato is not one that i envy, and yet so often, it is so alluring...

it's a gorgeous day out - 64 degrees, but the sun is shining full force today, so it feels much warmer. there's a sweet breeze blowing through the window, glorious blue skies, and as i look out to the field/hill that is next to our house, i see the tall wild grasses dancing in the summer air and the cat sitting in the window. it's a perfect day. i get so much more fulfillment just watching the grass and the cat and hearing the birds than i do from staring at the boob tube (even if it is a really good show/movie/etc...)

well, i should probably make lunch and get some to ben... we may not be having eggplant today, but we are having egg salad .... ohhhkaaayyyy, not the same, but close enough! :P

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