Saturday, July 10, 2010


less than 100 days to go, and next week i'll be entering the 3rd trimester... i can't believe how quickly it's gone already! and we still have the rest of our lives to flash by - it's terrifying! :P

tomorrow ben and i are driving up to bozeman to visit christina, and i'll finally get to meet addie. i can barely contain myself (and i worry i won't sleep a wink tonight).

next sunday is the baby shower, and i'm really excited for that too - i love a good party with yummy food and great people!

and then four days after the baby shower, i have my next dr's appointment, complete with glucose test (the glucose part i'm not looking forward too - they'll have to draw blood. blech.)

i've been nesting like crazy lately - trying very adamantly to keep the house tidy and picked up, and baking like there's no tomorrow. (a few days ago it was hazelnut rum brownies. yesterday night it was veggie pizza, with a little help from jiffy, of course. tonight i'll be finishing off some chicken-mozzarella raviolis i made awhile ago and froze. there was extra filling leftover too, but i'll be adding spinach and pesto to make some more ravioli with. and then a creamy garlic and roasted red pepper sauce to top it off.... ooh yum!)

i'm glad i can give ben some quality meals and a clean house while i can.... i imagine the first few months after baby's arrival will be a little bit.... lacking? in both departments.

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  1. I'm so glad you got to see christina and meet baby addie.
    all that food talk is making me hungry..i may need your recipe for veggie pizza, sounds delicious.