Friday, July 16, 2010

three's company...

i only have one 3rd of this pregnancy left to go!

(i originally posted that i'm a 3rd of the way done, but then ben corrected my preggo-brain's lack of math skills telling me, "you're two-thirds of the way done." whoops! thanks, hun!)

exactly 3 months left to go (well... presumably - you know how it is - but if baby IS born on the due date, ben and i will have been married for exactly 3 years and 3 months), and tomorrow i start my 3rd trimester.

this is crazy!

and in 3 days, i get to celebrate this baby with a bunch of friends (oh boy, do i love a party!)

i really need to take a new bump picture soon - probably on sunday when i'm all dolled up for the festivities... (i'm so excited!)


PS - AND (in keeping with today's "three-theme") i've encountered and had to terminate 3 of those horrid, ugly, vile, disgusting, evil creatures known as "spiders" - blech! i think spider-man is the only spider who should be allowed to live. (mostly because he's fictional and played by tobey mcguire, who's a total cutie. although if i ran into him in real life, all webby and climbing walls and junk, i'd probably want him killed off too.... whoops?)

well, and i should admit, i had help with the execution of the second spider. it was dangling right in front of me as i stood up from grabbing something off the floor. i was very relieved that i didn't stand up into the blasted thing - it would have been in my hair, and i wouldn't even have known! i shrieked in pure terror, and thankfully the gracious lady i was working with today came and saved me. but the first and last i managed to dispatch of myself.

the last one was just an itsy bitsy spider, and i had no problem killing it. the thing was so small in all proportions that it almost looked cute... almost.

the first one i was pretty proud of my mcguyver skills in that i managed to trap it in a beer bottle - and this little bugger was crafty! kept trying to crawl away, and almost crawled ON me. :::shudders::: but i was victorious! i found that practically empty beer bottled (there were a few drops left), managed to capture him in it and tape off his only route of escape, leaving him to get drunk and die in the bottom of the bottle. peta might hate me, but i'm okay with it.

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