Saturday, July 24, 2010


so i've been looking into which doctors our insurance covers in owatonna (where we're moving to) and i've discovered that owatonna only has 3 obgyns - all male. ummm, really?!?! i find this hard to believe that there is not a single female obgyn in this town of 24,000 plus.

maybe this makes me a little conservative, but the only man i want so involved with my body (as is required for birthing and such) is ben. and he sells paint. not so qualified at baby catching. (although, if worst-case-scenario came up, and he had to, i'm sure he'd do an excellent job.)

which means i'm now looking into the obgyns at mayo clinic in rochester - since our insurance has a number of covered obgyns that work out of mayo, and as long as there is even one single doctor within a 30 mile radius from where ben and i live, they won't even consider adding another doctor to their in-network list. not that there's even a female doctor for me to want added.

(my mom said she wanted to do cartwheels at the thought of me giving birth at the best hospital in the entire nation. i'm still a little miffed that we'll probably have to make the 45 minute commute for the remainder of our check-ups and the big-day itself, but it is rather comforting to know that at least it is such a reputable place.)

but the real kicker? one of the doctors covered at mayo shares a connection with this baby already: remember the Petra dream? well she shares the same first name. for realsies. (and i think my subconscious has a real sense of humor, because of all the pictures of the doctors i can go to at mayo, i like Petra's the best...)

so uh.... we'll see who i end up with, but i have a feeling i know who it'll end up being :P

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