Monday, July 5, 2010

feeling slugish...

there's so much i want to get done today.

this post really has very little to do with baby mushroom... (although earlier this morning i felt quite the concerto of kicking. it was pure bliss.)

i want to get the house all tidied up and super cleaned, because i know how much that would mean to ben.

i need to go buy some ground beef and make him hamburger helper for lunch, because i promised i'd bring him lunch, and he specifically requested it. (can you tell i like to keep my husband happy?) :P

i want to go to the gym, because it's good for me, and i think i sleep better when i do...

i want to work on some painting ideas that i've been having, but i'm hesitant to start new projects just yet.

i want to work on another artsy/sewing project i've been meaning to do since last summer, but have yet to actually accomplish.

i want to eat the rest of the kettle corn we bought at one of the stands yesterday that was fresh made before our eyes, and oh so delicious, but i know it wouldn't be the healthiest choice. i also want to eat more of the cookies i made for ben that he's so graciously sharing with me, but again with the healthy (or lack there of). :\

and i have this tendency to overwhelm myself with too many to-do's on my list, and that's where i'm at right now. there's so much i want to accomplish with this day off, and i know if i get moving now, i could actually accomplish a good chuck of it (and if i had gotten out of bed earlier, i could have accomplished all of it), but instead i put off and procrastinate, and i don't even know why, because i want to do these things, really i do. but instead i just keep wasting time on the computer.

it's an obnoxiously frustrating flaw in my character that i'm still working on (though not always so successfully it seems...) bugger. :(

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