Friday, July 2, 2010

tums, tums, tums tums!

the heartburn has been getting pretty obscene lately. i'll wake up in the middle of the night feeling like it's pukey-time, as if the morning sickness fairy heard i had skipped out on her services, and was paying me a belated visit.

(no spewing ever did occur, but gee golly, did i ever feel awful.)

and it was combined with that acidic filled burning sensation in my chest and esophagus that i've come to understand is heartburn, not nausea or morning sickness (although it often did make me feel so horribly nauseous).

when my parents had been visiting, and i was feeling an icky-poo similar to this (and yet in retrospect, not quite the same) my mom gave me one of her seltzer waters to sip on, and it seemed to help?

so i bought some seltzer water to have on hand for when the feeling returned, but i think this is a whole new monster than the one i felt before. and as much as i wanted it to work, i think the seltzer water made it worse.

i'd never had heartburn prior to pregnancy. i had no clue that tums were a valid source of relief. i only knew them for their cheesy commercials and as something i didn't need.

yesterday, i finally got me some tums. i think they're my new favorite. that's right heartburn, try to take me down now.... ha!

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