Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hungry hungry hippos...

i think i'm starting to reach that point where i'm always (or almost always) hungry. maybe i'm just bored right now, but we had a full plate of hummus and veggies and one apple for dinner, and it was very delicious and quite satisfying... but i was still hungry. i decided to wait, maybe i just needed to digest?

so i cruised around online, added some pictures to facebook (food pictures, not baby related pictures), and after awhile, i was still hungry. so i fried up some orange roughy in lemon and butter and garlic. it was good. i can't say it was the best fish i'd ever had (i shared that with ben, too, he seemed to like it just fine.)

so now i've finished that and a glass of milk, and i'm still hungry. i mean, i'm not going crazy; i don't feel like i'm starving or ready to kill someone for a hamburger... but oh, i could go on and on about all the foods i'd love to eat right now...

maybe it's that i'm finally working out on a more regular basis? now that i'm not so drained from the coffeeshop, i find i have a decent amount more energy to do things outside of work, which has been a pleasant and welcome surprise.

i dunno... either way, i'm trying to not eat for two (i've read that in pregnancy, it's more like eating for 1.1, not two full grown adults, and that really, an extra apple and some peanut butter are all the extra calories a woman needs during pregnancy. it's not that much more than what a non-pregnant adult needs, to say the least.)

and i'm at least a little bit more conscious of my food choices (like the fact that when ben and i went for ice cream this afternoon, and i reeeaallllly wanted the waffle cone with black cherry ice cream, and he went along with it - but i knew both before and after that the much smaller sugar cone with fewer scoops would have been a "healthier" choice.... not that my conscientiousness of the matter changed anything, but knowing is half the battle, right?)

but i'm still hungry....

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  1. would it help if i, a new mom just having gone through pregnancy, gave you permission to eat as much as you feel like you need to eat? :) this is the BEST time to go for that waffle cone!