Thursday, June 3, 2010

great success!

i flossed this morning. and bought more flossers since we're running low. i still have yet to conquer the floss-threaders required for me to floss around the permanent retainer still located on my bottom jaw, but at least i'm making progress on the rest of my teeth.

i also discovered what my belly button will look like once it's converted to outie-ism. i was quite fearful of even just the thought of it at first (will it hurt? will it ever go back? will it catch on things and get torn off?), but these fears have subsided as i looked down at the little nubbin, repeatedly pressing down on the skin around my belly button while pushing out with my stomach muscles.

when i showed ben, he said i should stop doing that. i think it grosses him out a little. but it's still super fun. (i'll try to get a picture of the "before" and simulated "after" before it's officially popped.)

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