Thursday, June 24, 2010

april showers bring may flowers... what do july showers bring?

some friends here in wyoming are throwing me a baby shower next month, and i'm really excited. still feeling so new to this community, i certainly wasn't expecting to receive a baby shower here, and the fact that a few of our local friends have offered was such a sweet surprise. (if you're reading this, thanks again holly and michelle!)

(and i know my mom was thinking of doing some sort of "virtual shower" where she would host something for friends/family to attend back in IL, and i would be brought in via ichat, since i'm paranoid to fly anywhere, and by car/train just isn't an option... but we have yet to figure out how it would all work out.)

there's a little baby boutique here in town that also does registries, so i went in and made a list with them too (since i already have a target registry). they really have some of the most adorable little outfits and shoes and accessories, but so much of it is boy/girl specific... makes it really tempting to find out what we're having so i can go back and add more - like little flowered hair clips or adorably patterned shoes or lace leggings... most of the things i wish i could get/register for are girls' items, and so if we have a boy, they just wouldn't make the cut. but i have been adding/getting a few things that might lean more towards boy, figuring that even if we do have a girl, i can just add a matching bow or hair clip, and she'll look quirky and eclectic and way more awesome than all the other little girls in her dinosaur footie-pajamas with claw feet and blue hair ribbon.

there's a part of me that would love to have a boy first so that our subsequent children have an older brother. and yet i think of all the girly things i would get to do with a daughter - like tea parties and hair clips and fun in the kitchen - that i know i would also love to have a girl...

good thing we're planning/hoping to have more than one kid!

(i'm so excited to be a mom)


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