Saturday, June 19, 2010

cold, gloomy days call for sluggish movements... :\

nothing much new or exciting. feeling movement is still minimal, but at least i know what it feels like now. i think it'll only get more exciting, though, especially once ben's able to feel all the kicks and punches (oh whatever it is that baby mushroom is up to in there).

baby was the size of a papaya last week, and is the size of a papaya this week as well (and will be for a month - or 4 weeks, really). it seems at this stage baby's growth starts slowing down. so instead of growing a full fruit size each week, we're down to a new fruit size each month... which makes sense, i think? :p

according to thebump: Baby's little face is fully formed...minus the baby fat, of course.

this will be exciting to see -hopefully! (i'm not sure that we get an ultrasound at our next appointment in a week and a half, but i've had one at every appointment so far, so i'm really hoping we'll get another one...)

only one more week at the coffeeshop. i'm anxious to be done; i suppose it's a good thing i gave my notice when i did (and that the other job worked out accordingly)... i had no idea standing on my feet would prove so difficult. i still feel a little frustrated at this aspect though. i hear of women who work until the day they give birth. makes me feel like i'm just being lazy or something. :\

and apparently, there are more changes still around the corner:

23 weeks pregnant!
Week 23
Swollen from head to toe? Increased blood flow, by now an old friend, is to blame. Consider a trip to the shoe store because loosening ligaments will cause your feet to expand even more in the weeks to come.

i haven't really experienced swelling, or at least my hands and feet don't look swollen... but my wedding ring (as i mentioned a few posts back) is still fitting tighter than normal. something i'm not too thrilled about. i'm considering getting a plain band (just silver, no new bling or anything like that) to wear for when my ring no longer fits. i can't stand to have it off my finger, but even if it's on a necklace around my neck, i think i'd still feel bare without it...

and i hope i don't have to replace my beloved shoe collection either. i mean, for the time being, i'd love to get a new pair of shoes - when do i ever not enjoy getting new shoes??? :P but if my feet actually grow in size and all my old favorites no longer fit post-pregnancy? bummer. (if so, good will is gonna get some awesome donations in the footwear department. i might cry a little.)


  1. two things: the women who work until the day they give birth are the ones who can sit at a desk with their feet up...or the lucky ones to don't get sciatica or swollen feet. i was completely swollen, but since i sat all day, it worked out okay. don't feel like a baby because everyone's bodies react differently and you have to be solely concerned about your and your baby's health.

    two--i didn't buy new shoes--i just wore flip flops or unlaced shoes. my feet looked awfully gross when i took the flip flops off, though!

  2. good to know! thanks my love! :P

  3. It doesn't happen to everyone but my feet did change and most of my dress shoes still to this day no longer fit :( Here's hoping it doesn't happen to you!