Saturday, June 5, 2010

okay, ya little hairball!

i've been feeling what i'm told is heartburn a lot more frequently.

i don't like it.

it's not a burning sensation in my chest, but it's a feeling that starts in my stomach, and before i even realize it, it's in my throat, and it's this uncomfortable, almost puke-y feeling. and as i just stated, i don't like it. not one bit. i think i need to pick up some more seltzer water. or tums? i like the thought of seltzer water better.

but i remember reading somewhere (somewhere legit, i just can't remember where) that of all the old wives' tales regarding bodily functions/positionings/etc. and their correlation to the baby in the womb, heartburn and the hairiness of a baby really are related.

something about how the hormones that help produce hair for the baby also have a side-effect of heartburn. so at least my baby won't be a total cue-ball, right? (good thing we bought that cookie monster hairbrush and comb set!)

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