Wednesday, June 2, 2010

confession time:

i think i've only flossed once since i found out that there's a baby growing inside of me.

i know i'm supposed to take better care of my teeth now that i'm pregnant. i realize that i'm more at risk for gum disease due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy. i'm aware that i should be flossing now more than ever...

but i still brush every day - quite vigorously! and i haven't been puking at all, let alone regularly, so it's not like i have to worry about my enamel being worn down in those regards.

however, i did also cancel my cleaning appointment today. i had forgotten all about it until i got a call reminder from my dentist's office (or i should say, former dentist's office).

in my defense, the last time i went to see them for a cleaning, i ended up getting a cavity filled - granted, i hadn't seen a dentist since ben and i got married, which had been about 2.5 years at that point. i'd say only one cavity? maybe one too many, but still not too bad by my book.

getting a cavity filled normally doesn't bother me all that much. when i get enough novocaine, that is.

i tried to tell the dentist that i'm a huge baby when it comes to pain, that i could still sense feeling in the tooth he was working on. he replied that he used to give his patients two shots if they wanted it, but no one was requesting it, so he stopped even offering.

so i get through that nightmare of a filling, but then for at least a week and a half more, my jaw is still tight, sore, and ached all the way to my ears...

suffice it to say, i've no need to return to his office, and am now looking for a new dentist.

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