Wednesday, June 23, 2010

that's just my baby-daddy, that's just my baby-daddy!

(a reference to some hip-hop song i've never actually heard, but christina and i used to sing/shout repeatedly while roommates at northpark, because we thought it was hilarious, especially considering, at that time, neither of us were even close to having babies, let alone married to someone who could be our "baby-daddy"... turns out the song/music video is way more ridiculous than christina and me singing.)

anyhow, ever since i've been more definitely feeling movement, ben has been anxious to feel movement, too, and finally he felt a thump or a bump or something last night. usually if we're sitting on the couch watching tv, or as we're trying to fall asleep, he'll keep his hand on my belly in hopes that eventually he'll be in the right place at the right time.

while watching the time traveller's wife (heartbreakingly beautiful; it's been awhile since i read the book, but from what i can remember, it was a great adaptation), i was feeling quite a bit from little mushroom, so i pulled ben's hand over to where i was feeling movement, but he still couldn't feel it.

it wasn't until we were in bed and trying to fall asleep, i felt another thump, but didn't say anything until he mentioned that he thought he just barely felt something. yup, ben, that's your kid in there! :P

it's so exciting (and relieving) to be feeling more movement. i know my mom and i had discussed that with me being so tall, it would make sense that i wouldn't feel anything right away or when most moms-to-be do, since there's a lot more space in there? i dunno, it kind of made sense, but still, i worried. what if i had done something wrong, and developmentally, my baby wasn't healthy? what if this lack of feeling movement was actually a lack of movement, and maybe there was something wrong with our child? that was the thought looming in the back of my mind.

but now that i'm continually feeling little bumps and thumps and pokes and prods throughout the day, those worries have significantly melted down... i'm starting to wonder if "thumper" wouldn't be a better nickname for this little one, and i'm guessing that before too long, i'll be constantly feeling movement, wishing it wasn't keeping me up at night, or not located right on my bladder, or who knows what else. but for now, i can't help but be thankful for the knowledge that our little mushroom is still in there, alive and growing and hopefully thriving.

now my only concern is how working a 25-30 hour job on my feet the last 5 months will affect the baby. i've both read and head from a customer lately that some studies have found that women who spend a lot of time on their feet during pregnancy were often linked with lower birth weights or premature delivery. by how much, i'm not sure, but it didn't sound like too premature, maybe only a week or two? but still, while it's not overwhelmingly alarming, it does make me wonder if this baby will come a little early (10/10/2010 would be pretty fun, though), or if our baby will be smaller than he/she should be because i've been on my feet so much for so long... and i'm all the more thankful that pretty soon, i'll be working at the wine shop instead of the coffee shop, able to sit down a heckuva lot more, and not so stressed physically.

and as for the baby, only 3 months and 23 days to go.... good glory, the time sure does go fast!!!

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