Wednesday, August 25, 2010

new ideas for the nursery!

after talking to ben about it, i've decided that i'm going to paint a border in the nursery... i'm thinking woodland themed. or maybe just owls. (i've become increasingly obsessed with owls lately.)

i have yet to fully decide, as i'd love to do a pink border for if we have a girl, but that means waiting until after the baby is born to paint it, which i'm not sure is such a realistic idea. or i could just do brown (which i would plan to do anyway if we have a boy). ooh! OR i can do brown for the main silhouette of each creature, and then either pink or green for the details!!! prefect. :D and i'm thinking not along the ceiling, but maybe halfway up the wall or so? nothing too huge or overwhelming. i've already started sketching out ideas, and can't wait to start nesting that nursery! :P

i've also decided that instead of bugs or flowers for the small painting series i want to do for the nursery, i will definitely be doing owls. which leads me to think that a woodland themed border - owls and bunnies and frogs and foxes and hedgehogs and whatever else i can think of that resides in the woods - would be better suited for the nursery, since we already have beatrix potter curtains (and sheets) and a woodland themed crib skirt - and that way, it wouldn't feel too owl-themed.

all i want to do right now is get in that house and start putting things away, organizing, setting up, and getting everything ready before this baby arrives. i think my brain has gone into full-on-nesting-hyper-mode, but the house (while it does now belong to ben's parents) is far from ready for us to move in.

maybe this will be a good lesson on patience and how to wait quietly...

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  1. I love owls as well; and i think they would be perfect nursery decor--i just purchased this print for AJ's room,

    Also, althought ridiculously expensive i love these sheets (and all other dwell studio products)

    Happy Decorating

    Happy decorating