Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mayo clinic

so i realized i haven't really written much about mayo yet - just that we're going there now (instead of the 1000 mile commute it would take to stay with the practice in wyoming, harty-har).

anyhow, today was our first baby check-up appointment with our new doctor. she was great; very friendly and i liked her a lot. but with the fact that when it comes time to deliver, i just get whoever is on call - which could be a male OB - i decided to switch to the certified-nurse-midwives. nothing against male doctors, and when it comes to pediatricians/family practice, i could care less, male or female. but when it comes to this delicate matter, i'd rather have someone else who understands the female body just a little more personally...

that being said, i'll be meeting with someone new at our next appointment on september 10th, and i'm actually really happy to be with the midwife staff (same as with the OB staff, who delivers my baby simply depends on who's on call at the time, but in going with midwives, they're all women, so no worries there about some random man's hands up my hoo-ha).

the only bummer was that we didn't get an ultrasound today - i was really hoping with this being our first time with a new hospital/doctor/etc that they'd want to see the baby too, but i guess a heartbeat is good enough as far as they're concerned. baby is currently head down though - let's hope he/she stays that way!

and i got a bunch of fun free informational literature for the remainder of this pregnancy - this starting all over again is really kind of exciting. as i was looking at the chart they gave me for what happens in each trimester, and looking back to the start date and where i was when we found out, i started to get the same thrilling rush i did when i first saw those two pink lines... it's still a little daunting and nerve wracking, but to be out of transition in at least one area is quite the relief.

also, at one of our baby classes, we got to tour the current labor and delivery rooms. i have to say, they weren't as warm and inviting as i would have liked or have seen from looking at the other hospitals i was possibly going to give birth in, but i suppose when i'm trying to breathe my way through a contraction, i won't really care if there are paintings on the wall or if the wall paper is a drab shade of boring. also, there's the high possibility - depending on when baby decides to make his/her entrance into the world - that i'll be giving birth in the new labor and delivery center, which is currently scheduled to open october 15th (and i'm due the 16th)... thankfully it's only the next floor up, so we still know where to go if we are in the new unit. i haven't seen it yet, but i have high hopes.

eeek.... it's becoming more and more real, and i'm both very much at peace with it all and yet at somehow at the same time, going crazy with anticipation.

only 1 month and 22 days to go!

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