Friday, October 8, 2010

marvin k mooney, will you please go now?

i'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and baby is still the size of a watermelon (and hopefully no bigger! i know ben and i are both tall, and i'm sure this kid is gonna sprout up like a tree, but if we can keep the dimensions within a healthy minimal range, my body would certainly appreciate it!)

all the baby clothes/linens/towels/what-have-you are all washed and folded. today i'll be putting them away, reorganizing the nursery, installing the car seat... (i'm tempted to take it to the fire department - i've heard they'll install the baby seat and make sure it's done properly.... maybe i'll call ahead first.... we'll see.)

so i'm definitely making the eggplant parmesan i mentioned in my last post...

either this baby had a massive growth spurt or i'm just ready to be done, but suddenly it seems like there's no room for the little squirt. i'm constantly feeling the pressure of baby against the side of my stomach, my ribs, my pelvis. it's not painful, but it's not exactly a picnic in the park either.

and i think? i've been experiencing a few braxton hicks here or there? i have no clue really - this whole thing has seemed way too easy... i mean, there have certainly been mild difficulties and a few frustrations here or there, but when i hear of other pregnant women complaining about the pains, or i know of the troubles other women have had to go through (bed-rest, gestational diabetes, etc...), i can't help but count my blessings.

but with these possible BH contractions, what i'm feeling is a tightness, i think it's throughout? it was last night that i was feeling them, though, when i couldn't sleep (which was most of the night), and so now my memory is a little hazy. did i dream them? or did i really feel tightness throughout? is this baby gonna come soon? or will i be waiting another two weeks? (oh glory, i hope not, but i suppose that would just be more time to unpack and get the rest of our stuff settled in.)

so anyhow, this tightness, it's not painful, it simply is what it is - tightness. and my stomach isn't rock hard either. (ben's mom said that hers was during contractions. my mom said that her's wasn't, even during hard labor, so i guess everyone's different, and that, if anything, i'll probably take after my mom at least a little bit...)

so maybe these are BH contractions? if so, i'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop, as they say.... i'll hope for the best, but i'm preparing myself for some intense pain... and all the while, i'm feeling done and anxious now. ready to have this baby in my arms instead of helga the ever-protective uterus over which i have no control...

i trust that God's timing will prevail, but maybe this weekend is God's timing? yes?? pleeeaaaasssse??? :)


  1. The waiting is the WORST!!! I completely empathize; I've been there twice myself :) And I'll spare you the horror stories of birthing 2 babies each over 9 pounds.

    Suggestion? Get down on your hands and knees and wash the floor. It put me into labor with Sammy. I had a friend just last week whose water broke while vacuuming...give it a try.

    And as a nurse once told me "Labor is a retro-active diagnosis" You won't know you're in it until you've been in it for a while.

    Good luck, Zoe. Can't wait to hear the news about Baby (Got) Back.

  2. haha! thanks... i'll probably be trying something new each day. thankfully i only have a week till my due date (assuming this baby isn't going to be late... but both my brother and i were late, so who knows!) :P

  3. i have to admit, i'm very grateful my dr. went for induction, though i've heard horror stories about that, too. waiting is sooo hard! which is why i was worried for you when you already had everything set to go in the nursery before you were even half-way. and it's why i'm glad you moved (twice now) and have lots to do to keep yourself busy. just sitting there, staring at your stomach, wishing for the baby to come out is the worst.

    you probably do have bh--i'm realizing even now that i had them when i thought the baby was just moving, but it was definitely the tightening all over like you feels so bizarre!

    can't wait to see you, my dear. we'll be in touch about when.

  4. yes! the fire department does check car seats, also the police department.
    Just go to and type in your zip code and it will tell you the closest inspection center. (some will even come to your house).
    it's super important--the seat is only safe if it's correctly installed.
    it's kind of fun reading this now that baby milo is already here--guess that eggplant parmesan really works!