Wednesday, October 6, 2010

still cookin!

well, so far, i've still had no signs whatsoever of eminent labor...

no water breaking, no contractions, no dropping... well, i don't think. as soon as the rechargeable batteries for our camera are done charging, ben's gonna take a picture so you can see how much huger i've gotten and we can compare to see if i've dropped. but i really don't think i have.

and while our house isn't completely settled in (it probably won't be for awhile, i'm guessing), it's still getting closer by the day. and the nursery - for the most part - is all set up. although i think i'll want to do some reorganizing, but that isn't necessarily necessary for baby's arrival. the only thing i still have yet to do in preparation for baby is to wash all the clothes/linens/etc, and our washer/dryer are getting delivered tomorrow! so, since ben wants this baby to be born this weekend, i suppose i'll make that eggplant parmesan that supposedly brings on babies regardless of the due date.

my only issue with the thought of giving birth this weekend, aside from the fact that while i'm incredibly excited to meet this little baby whose butt i've become very familiar with (as the baby is head down, and something round and squishy keeps poking out near my ribs, so my only guess is that it's the butt), i'm also still rather anxious about the actual birthing process and mothering adventure that is before me.

oh, and also that the new delivery wing at mayo clinic doesn't open until october 11th - which is also the date of my next appointment.

i mean, ultimately, i trust that this baby will come in God's timing, and i trust that His timing is infinitely better than my timing (as always).... but i figure it could be fun to see if this eggplant parmesan thing really works.

and it would be nice to have my body back - as in to not have major pelvic discomfort when getting up from sitting/lying down, to be able to sleep on my back or stomach, to be able to put on pants in one swift go, to have more space for my bladder so that it can actually hold a quarter of a day's worth of beverages.... i figure it'll take little while to fully recover, but i'm guessing these are the things i'll regain quite soon after delivery.

but, while i still can, i've been meaning to post about the things that i have enjoyed about pregnancy - so here it is!
  • while my cankles are horribly unsightly, it's never been easier to shave my ankles - no sharp corners or bony bumps to maneuver around, just flat puffiness to swipe past, and whoosh! ankles shaved! (getting up from sitting down in a bathtub, however, not so graceful, but we won't get into that at this point, since that's not what this list is about.)
  • people touching my belly - i believe this is rare among pregnant women? i mean, i wouldn't like some random creepy man touching my belly (and really, any man other than ben touching my belly would be awkward), but just about everyone else (ie: women and children), whether i know them or not, as long as they don't get creepy on me (which no one has), i really actually love it when the give my belly attention. i think because it helps to solidify this very surreal reality that there is a baby in there, and i figure they're really giving the baby attention, not my belly, and so it doesn't bother me.
  • being allowed to nap whenever i want/need. i love a good nap. and i suppose with that, being able to take it a little easier than normal. i'm not gonna lie, moving while pregnant - though still stressful - is so much easier for the pregnant party... i can't lift or move boxes, so i just stand there and direct where things go. i felt guilty, but it was still pretty nice to not have to do any heavy lifting.
  • ben has been a lot more sympathetic to my aches and pains and discomforts. (prior to preggo-ville, he generally has a "S.U.A." - ie: "suck it up" - attitude regarding just about everything that isn't life-threatening, but now that i'm carrying his child, he's a lot more concerned about my well-being. not that he wasn't before, but again, he wasn't overly sympathetic for minor things, which is fine. it's just nice to see that concerned side of him.)
  • feeling the baby move. it's also surreal and strange, but it's a lot of fun too. and it's another thing that helps make this baby more or a reality. (is it odd that with only 1.5 weeks left to go, i still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that there's a baby inside of me, and that incredibly soon, ben and i are going to be parents? i'm guessing it'll settle in sooner or later, but it's still a bizarre concept to me...)
  • there were other things, i think? but i can't remember them at this moment. so with that, i guess i'm done.
once again, here's the link to the facebook album with all the preggo pics so you can help me figure out if i've dropped or not, once we get the picture taken and uploaded (which will be shortly, since ben has to work at 11, and the batteries are almost done charging).


  1. This is the first time I've seen your blog, Zoe, and I think it's great that you're keeping track of this journey! With all of the negative things people said to me about this stage of pregnancy, I think it's a very good idea to write down the positives. ;)

    One thing stuck out to me (no pun intended) from your post: While you do get your body back once your baby's born (what a relief!), in another very real way, your body is never quite your own again. If you decide to breastfeed, that physical connection keeps growing and changing, but doesn't go away. And this time, you're "sharing" your body with an adorable little baby that you can actually see! What a blessing it is. So excited for you! :)

  2. oh definitely! i'm so looking forward to that bond... but while i am looking forward to the things that WILL return to normal - the swelling doesn't last forever, right? :P i do expect that my body also won't ever be what it was at 16 or 22 again (even if i do get close)... and i'm okay with it. part of the beauty of motherhood, right? :)