Thursday, October 14, 2010

more on milo!

he is just so fascinating! even when he's been crying for what seems like hours, i still can't help but adore him.

here are just a few of my observations so far:
  • his skin is the softest thing i've ever felt, and his hair is silkier than silk itself. i will never get tired of those two feelings.
  • he's too strong for his own good and has amazing motor skills (i think?) i have no idea what the learning curve is on this one, but i'm gonna go with him ranking at amazing on the charts. :P anyhow, he's already able to hold his head up and/or push himself up a little bit against our chests when we're holding him for tummy time, and occasionally he rolls to his side when we lay him down, even when he's swaddled. he's also a biter, and a really strong one at that (which is the one and only thing i don't love about him).
  • i had no idea a creature so tiny could create such an overly-audible noise... and i'm not talking about his wailing. i'm talking about his back end. (but with my middle-school humor, i still find it hilarious every time he toots.)
  • sometimes when he gets into a really hard cry, he starts to squeak on the inhale. it breaks my heart to hear him cry, as i want nothing for him but love and happiness, but i'd be lying if i said that squeak didn't bring a little smile to my mouth every time.
  • after feeding, he tends to go into what ben and i like to refer to as a food coma. tonight i was nursing him while watching "30 Rock"and he was feeding really well, so i wasn't fully paying attention... until i noticed he'd stopped eating; i looked down, he's still attached, but conked out... and snoring. it was awesome.
  • then, while ben was burping him, he managed to - at least three times - fart (possibly even poop) and sneeze at the same time.
i totally love my kid. (working on posting pictures on facebook soon.... however, i won't be posting a link for them here.... not a huge fan of anybody and everybody who's on the world wide web having access to my sweet little pumpkin's face. so if you don't have facebook, let me know, and i'll email you the link.)

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