Thursday, October 21, 2010

see ya, stumpy!

milo's stump (the dried up leftover piece from where they clamped his umbilical cord) finally fell off today. there's still some leftover residual stuff, but it's fun to finally see his cute little bellybutton without that black stumpy bit in the way.

it's also very clear that milo's absolute least favorite activity is still getting his diaper and/or his clothing changed.

but otherwise, the little peanut is thriving. he gained 8 ounces at his last checkup (which is a vast improvement from his first and followup checkup, where he had lost a pound, and hadn't been gaining anything back yet).

i'm totally in love with the little guy.

he even peed on the wall the other day. ben was proud. i wiped it off, and i'm still in love with him. (milo, that is. and ben too, of course. although if ben peed on the wall, i don't think it'd be nearly as comical.)

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