Saturday, June 11, 2011


milo's been waking up a little too early lately.

yesterday it was 5:15; today was at 5:30. i hear him on the monitor, and as long as he's just babbling to himself, i stay in bed. i wait until he starts to sound upset and the squawking turns into sobbing. (okay, it doesn't get that bad before i go in to get him, but i figure there's no need for me to be up and moving that early, as long as he's content.)

sometimes this contented talk-and-play-solo time lasts only a few minutes, but today he almost made it to 6 (which is my goal for when he should wake up every morning, but obviously i haven't fully figured out how to get there just yet).

even at 6 am, he was just barely on the verge of getting upset, but i was awake and ready to get up, so i went into his room to get him, and lo and behold, he was standing at the foot of his crib, holding onto the rail and waiting for me. i've been telling ben for days now that we should lower his crib mattress. i think that "should" just turned into a "must".

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