Sunday, June 26, 2011

a standing ovation

my parents just came for a visit, and on the day they were to leave, my mom and i were sitting at the dining room table drinking tea and eating breakfast while milo played in his pack n' play right next to us.

simultaneously, my mom let out a squeal as i heard a thump. worried that he had fallen onto one of the not-so-soft-and-squishy toys, i looked up from my cereal as my mom exclaimed with great delight - "he was standing!"

now, i should clarify, milo the mountaineer-wannabe has been trying to scale anything and everything. granted, all he does is pull himself up to a standing position, but it means i have to keep even closer vigilance on the little fella. he has yet to figure out "cruising" - whereby he starts walking along anything he can hold onto. so when she said he was standing, i didn't think it was anything new. he stands all the time at his pack in play, his crib, chewing, babbling, trying to figure out how he can get higher, how he can escape.

then she added the exciting part, that he was standing on his own, with a bewildered look of "hey..... i'm up in the air and nothing's holding me. wow!" albeit, he was only up for maybe 5-10 seconds, tops, and soon fell back into sitting position, but this boy is determined.

at the rate he's going, i'm pretty convinced he'll be walking by 10 months.

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