Wednesday, June 15, 2011


so far the baby foods have been surprisingly appetizing. although up until most recently, they've consisted of only fruits and vegetables (granted, very watered down fruits and vegetables, but fruits and veggies none the less). if a drop of it spilled onto the tray of his high chair, i would take the opportunity to wipe it up with my finger and see how it compares to whatever it is that it claimed to be. for the most part, they've all tasted like they should, without all the added chemicals, fats and sugars; fresh, healthy, like nature intended.

and then we added meats. milo managed to finish off the chicken and apples with some reservation, but he still finished it. however, when the contents of the jar started to smell more like canned dog food than jarred baby-food (i'm looking at you, beef with beef gravy), milo's interest in solids decreased rapidly, while his stubborn refusal of the pink puréed pulp only increased.

he's also not a huge fan of peaches, which is very surprising, but ben thinks it's because of the citric acid used as a preservative which gives it a bit of a sour tang.

he has, however, gotten better at picking up the peach flavored baby puffs and putting them in his mouth. he pushes them back out of his mouth almost immediately after getting them in, but it's still progress in the right direction. (after he uses his tongue to push the puff past his lips, i put it back in his mouth instructing him that "no, we keep it.")

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  1. Baby peaches are SO tart!

    My kids liked meat mixed in with other things--ham with sweet potatoes, turkey and peas, etc. I could never bring myself to feed them the plain meat--you are right in comparing it to dog food!