Tuesday, June 7, 2011

quick updates:

milo's front two bottom and front two top teeth have all cut through, and now his left eye tooth has started to show. he's definitely been a little more irritable than lately, but he's still a very happy baby, and i'm still counting my blessings, even when he's fussy.

crawling forward is in full swing. watching him move, i'm often reminded of the sea-witch ursula from the little mermaid, right after she turns back into an octopus-monster-villain-lady and starts propelling herself across the deck of the ship to grab ariel. except that milo is cute and sweet, not hideous and evil. but the way he uses those strong little arms and legs of his to get from one edge of the room to the other.... it's surprisingly quick and agile for only just getting the hang of it last week.

he especially loves to go for our flip-flops and chase the cat.

we also had to change out his carseat for the bigger one that can also face forward and eventually serve as a booster seat as well. ben refers to it as the baby lazy-boy, as it has a cup holder and moveable armrests. we also had to move our seats forward, as it's so big, it wouldn't fit properly with our seats pushed back.... we're thinking it's time to invest in a minivan.

and with milo now mobile, the pack and play has newfound purpose. milo's usually not content to be so confined for long, but i can get maybe fifteen or even twenty minutes of only kind of paying attention to milo while i get stuff done around the house. when he's out on the floor, movin' and a groovin', i'm right there with him, because even when i'm with him, this boy gets into way too much... i suppose it's time to "babyproof" after all.

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