Sunday, September 2, 2012

another adventure at the pool...

yesterday we took milo for another trip to the pool.

he loved it as always.  i can't even count the number of times we had to climb the long flight of stairs so we could ride the big slide over and over (which i was perfectly happy with, as i really enjoy the slide, too).

after a little while, ben decided he was going to swim over in the big-people pool, without the squirting/floating/mini-slide/plaything occupied wading area for toddlers.

milo and i went for one more ride, and then he wanted to find dada.

so we get to the bigger pool, and i hand milo to ben, and we decide to try teaching him how to kick when he's on his belly.  one of us would hold him up, superman style, and the other would move his legs in kicking motion, and we would tell him, "kick, kick, kick!"

he never did pick up on the kicking motion, but when we got him on his belly and asked him to kick, he would repeat back to us, "kick, kick, kick."

then we thought we'd try and teach him how to jump in - with us holding onto his hands, of course, so that he wouldn't go under.  we would get him to the edge of the pool, and count, "wuuunnnnnn, tooooooooooh, THREE!" and he would step forward into the pool.  eventually, milo picked up "one" and would say it with us when we started counting... uber cute!

that's it for our escapade at the pool, but milo has picked up a few other cute tricks:
sometimes we'll let milo play with us on our bed, and he'll pat on the bed for us to lay down, and we'll all pretend to snore.  then he'll go to leave, say "nite, nite!" and then put his finger to this lips and say, "shhhh!" as he closes the door.

he's also learned to fold his hands when we pray with him at night and mealtimes.  i believe he learned both of these with grandma laura at her daycare, and i'm so glad he did.  he seems that much more excited when i say, "ok milo, let's pray." and he gets this huge smile and folds his hands together, and waits patiently while i repeat the Lord's prayer - he can interact now, and i know that will just be a stepping stone towards deeper interaction as we continue to show and teach him about prayer.

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