Tuesday, September 25, 2012

helping hands

we encourage milo to help when we go do laundry... it often takes a little longer, but we want him to be involved in chores while it's still fun, so that later, when he's 16 and ornery, doing chores won't be a new thing to complain about, just something to complain about.

anyhow, he loves putting the quarters into the machine.  i let him sit on the dryer, and hand him the quarters one by one.  he sort of wiggles with delight as he carefully places each quarter in a slot.

if we put all the wet clothes into a basket - or hand him pieces one by one - he'll also help throw them into the dryer for us, as well as take them out once they're done.  hopefully i'll look back on this memory with fondness when we do get to that stage of 16 and ornery, and i'll try not to be snarky as i remind him that he once loved helping us with laundry, and sweeping, and picking up his things.

after we got back from laundry, and i sat down to type this post, milo was playing with the bananas, and i noticed he had peeled off all the stickers, placed one on himself, one on the highchair, and was putting one on me... make that two.  stickers for everyone!

thanks milo  ;P

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