Friday, September 21, 2012

you say tomato, i say thomas.

actually, this isn't about that funny, little, blue train on tv.

milo calls everything that goes on his head a hat.

the baseball cap that just barely still fits him.  ben's baseball cap that is adorably too big for him.  yup, those are hats.

his sweatshirt hoodie that i pulled up this morning because it was drizzling, "hat?"  ummm, i guess so...  why not.

when we go for a bike ride, we always wear out helmets, even milo, even though he's strapped in, sitting in the covered trailer.  "hat?"  yeah, okay buddy, technically that's a hat, too.

he also received a plastic fireman's helmet at a church we visited when we were with my parents in door county.  "haaaaat.  haaaaaat.  haaaaat!"  sure, milo, hat.

currently he's shoveling down fistfuls of mac n' cheese with broccoli and peas mixed in...

i love what a healthy eater his is (most of the time).

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