Thursday, September 20, 2012

milo and the muppets

i'd like to preface this by saying we try to limit milo's screen time... movies are not a regular thing for him - just a few nightly episodes of thomas the tank engine, shaun the sheep, timmy time, or a partial sesame street before bed time...

but this morning, milo had grabbed The Great Muppet Caper and was asking to watch that ("ba? ba?"  - please please, instead of his usual "djoo djoo" - choo choo) upon getting up this morning.

so i put it in, and he just sat in front of the screen, mesmerized by these new creatures singing and dancing and laughing.

it's a little spark of joy for me, to see my kid enjoying the very same movie i grew up on, loving and laughing to... i look forward to continuing to share this with him as he gets older and can fully understand what's going on.

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