Sunday, September 16, 2012


this morning milo picked a little grover that my mom has given to him on loan (grover is one of her favorites, too).

inspecting it, he pointed to grover's eyes and announced, "eye!"

"good job milo! those are grover's eyes."

then he starts asking, "dshoo?"  (shoe?)

"sorry milo, grover doesn't have any shoes."

ben and milo decided to bring grover to me, "dshoo? dshoo?"

so i let my artsy fartsy self go into craft mode, and fashioned some shoes for grover.

milo looked pretty pleased that grover now had shoes.  then he pointed to grover's head and asked, "hat?"

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  1. Hey, I made a dress for a stuffed unicorn this summer. Also a "diamond tiara" for a plastic horse. It is just beginning!