Saturday, September 11, 2010


today i am exactly 35 weeks along, and i have only 35 days left - crazzzyyyy!!!

i also have only 5 weeks left until my due date, and 2 weeks until this baby is full term. i can hardly believe it!

this morning i think the baby may have been doing some kungfu on my innerds - there was this pinching pain on the right side. i think the inside of my belly could very well be bruised from the kiddo. i thought it might have been my first episode of braxton hicks (ie "practice") contractions, but my stomach didn't feel tight or hard all across, so i'm not entirely sure.

at dinner the other night, though, we could actually see the baby moving. a little foot or knee or something bubbled across the right side near my belly button (the baby seems to favor my right side). that was pretty cool.

i also finally ordered a wrap, which i'm SO excited for!

it's this one

by lovey duds at and i'm can't wait to try it out (i'll probably test it with the cat, if i can coerce her into it).

and lastly - the midwives at mayo; this is what i am most excited for. the midwife i met with yesterday was so very wonderful and encouraging and she said that all the midwives (as i'll get whoever is on-call for the delivery) are all of the same mindset. their way of doing things - whether it's pain relief, an episiotomy, inducing, or all the other possibilities that arise during labor - is to inform the mother of the options, all the risks and benefits of those options, and then whatever the mother decides, they support it 100% and help the mother achieve that goal (for example, if a mother wanted a completely med. free birth). that is exactly what i was hoping for when it came to the person waiting between my legs to catch the little squirt.

all in all, it's been a good week. now we just have to keep the bun baking for another five!

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