Monday, September 13, 2010


(or not...)

but i'm quite certain this baby was trying to escape via my belly button as we were leaving the renaissance festival yesterday. "haha! look at this! it's weaker in this spot, there's this weird bunching on the other side, this must be where the knot is tied on this weird balloon that i'm stuck in. time to break freeeeee!!!!"

baby's entire body was crammed up against my belly button and pushing out with very convincing force. but no go, baby. too bad, so sad; you're staying in!

and while ben has stated that he thinks i'll be two weeks early, he's also recently informed me that if i could go into labor on the night of october 8th (a friday), it would be perfect, since he already has that weekend off, then he could take 5 vacation days and get the entire following week off of work as well, plus he's already scheduled to have the weekend after that off as well. so 9 days off for 5 vacation days.

i'm still very anxious to get into our own place in owatonna (which has now been projected to be ready by the end of september), and things have been moving along for sure, but there are still other hinderances that keep it from being finished. but that aside, i'm continually getting more and more excited to meet the little squirt. although birth and becoming a mother still scare the dookie out of me, i'm anxious to play with the little feet that keep trying to push through my belly, or the arms and hands that try to tango with my bladder, to smell that new baby smell, and see what color eyes our baby has, and whose nose and mouth are gracing baby's face, to make faces with baby and googley gibberish noises that others would find ridiculously absurd.

so i'm thinking, as long as we are indeed able to move into the house by the end of september, and settling in is going smoothly enough, perhaps i'll try this recipe for eggplant parmesan. supposedly, over 300 babies have been born within 48 hours of their mothers eating this dish. (it's from a restaurant, and when they started noticing the trend, they began keeping track and advertising it as a way to get labor going.) if anyone wants to join us for eggplant parmesan on thursday, october 7th, let me know. we'll make a party of it!

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