Friday, September 3, 2010

i can have redbull, right?

(just kidding, mom!)

but boy, am i ever tired! i went on a whirlwind long-weekend trip back to the chicagoland area and to door county, (with essentially two days to travel each way - i took the train, but on my way there i left early in the morning on my way back arrived late at night, so i stayed in red wing with ben's grandparents both the night before and the night after my departing/return via train) and i feel like i was going non-stop, from the time i woke up to the time i went to sleep at night...

so the day after i got back (yesterday) it was all i could do to keep my eyes open. i am one pooped out little preggo - i feel like i'm still recovering.

we only have one baby class left, and next week (on friday) we have another baby checkup, but this time with one of the mid-wives, which i'm very excited for.

one of the highlights of the weekend (and there were many, but i don't have the energy to get into it all at this time) was my dear friend kate did a maternity photo shoot for me.

it's been way too long since i've seen her, and we always have major funsies together, and this was no different. plus, it was a major boost to my idea of the gorilla-influenced body image i mentioned in my last post.

(i added pictures to my "oh baby!" album on facebook - but they're at the end of the album, so don't get confused when you see a familiar looking picture and an almost non-existent bump.)

another plus - as an early birthday present, i got a wii fit plus - i'm only on my third day of working out on the thing (not too strenuously, of course), but i feel so much healthier already! (especially after a month of not exercising and over indulging in my snacky/sugary cravings, when previously, i'd had access to a gym and managed to make it over there at least a couple times a week. eep!)

anyhow, it was a great weekend filled with loved ones and fun times, but boy am i glad to be back to the every day mundane of helping with chores and twiddling my thumbs... (for the time being, at least.)

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  1. yay Zoe! i had so much fun with you! i cant wait to see your little bundle of joy!!! hopefully this last 6 weeks goes by quickly for me and just right for you : )