Wednesday, September 22, 2010

which came first, johnny cash or giving birth? (or) johnny cash has birthed babies?

i've been meaning to write this one down for awhile... (obviously "giving birth" came before "johnny cash" but you'll see what i'm getting at momentarily.)

during our baby classes, and in reading/preparing myself for labor, a very descriptive term has come to my attention.

in one of the videos we watched at our baby classes, a woman described feeling "the ring of fire" as her baby crowned. she was not the first to use this term, as i've heard/read it several other times (at least), but who was?

did the term come to popularity after johnny cash's "ring of fire" hit the airwaves? or did johnny cash simply decide to give term new meaning?

i'm not feeling nearly as terrified of labor as i used to (and yet, it still makes me anxious...), but i think it could be really funny to add johnny cash's "ring of fire" to my playlist (i plan to bring my own music via the ever so fabulous iPod/iHome), and play that as the baby crowns.

i can just picture johnny cash in the corner of the delivery room, all in black, with his guitar, strumming and singing to match the intensity of my condition, his twangy voice belting out...

"and it burns, burns, burns, that ring of fire! the ring of fire!"

makes me giggle every time... at least right now it does. i doubt i'll be giggling when i feel the "ring of fire" for myself, but who knows, maybe birth will be a breeze? ha! :P

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