Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 months already?!?!

where did the time go? we're gonna wake up tomorrow, and milo will be 5 years old already. or we'll be 50... one of the two :P

milo really lights up for "how big is milo? .... SOOOOO big!" last night ben even got a laugh out of him with the game.

peekaboo still brings on lots of smiles, "this little piggy..." is starting to gain recognition, and now whenever i hold milo up to the mirror, he's all smiles, he loves looking at himself, and even tries to touch "the baby in the mirror" - won't he be surprised when he gets face to face with a real baby who's 3-dimensional!

sleeping, including naptime, is getting better each day... i don't want to jinx anything, but let's just say we've both been dreaming sweetly for the past three nights, and i'm really hoping to continue this trend. perhaps this time it's gonna stick? we'll see.

i'm getting more and more behind on "milo" things though. the old news is that the owl mobile is still sitting on my desk instead of hanging over his crib. the new news is that i'm three weeks behind in posting his weekly "quacksie and mister hoots" pictures (i've taken them, just haven't posted anything yet).

i'll blame my new part-time gig :P

in an effort to help give our finances a little more wiggle room, i've started doing pampered chef. I have yet to actually do any parties or make any money from it - so far, i've just spent money for it, but i know that'll come back to me once i really get rolling. i do have parties planned out for the next month, though. i'm very excited for this and how i'm able to be a stay-at-home-working-mom in a way that i think will work very well for me and my family.

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