Friday, March 25, 2011

well, it's official...

it's time to get "breathable bumpers" for milo's crib.

i had planned to just skip bumpers altogether, since there's been such a hubbub over anything in the crib and how it could possibly cause SIDS.

tuesday into wednesday, milo had slept on his side all night long. he also didn't wake up much (or to the point that i had to get up and check on sleep training stuff. on wednesday morning, when i went to get milo - as he was fussing and awake - i found that he was actually on his belly (not his side), and his feet were halfway off the mattress, sticking through the slats.

and since he's started his rolling adventures, milo hasn't stayed on his back through the night.

thus - it's time for these breathable bumpers so he doesn't wind up with a limb hanging loose that he can't figure out how to pull back in (since "learning how to crawl" is still on his to-do list).

also, he's newly discovered the "mmmm" sound.

i and even my mom have heard him babble this consonant/vowel combo that sounds like "mum-mum-mum" - which we all know is british for "mom" which means milo has already started making words. (nevermind the fact that he doesn't really know what he's saying, he's just exploring new sounds. i don't care; i say it still counts.)

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