Friday, March 18, 2011

and the follow-through...

ben's off work today, which means he and milo are marathoning "deadliest catch" on netflix, and i'm getting caught up on everything.

soooo.... here's the post i wanted to write two days ago:

fingernails: his nails have been growing way too quickly. i feel like i'm trimming them every couple of days... realistically, it's probably only every 4 days, but that still feels like a lot.

sitting up: milo is so close to being able to sit up on his own for reals. he'll sit solo just fine for maybe a minute, but then he starts to lean, and if i don't hold him or pull him back to center, he'll fall over. however, he's happy to sit (with some assistance) for maybe 10-15 minutes at a time.

reading books: milo finally seems to enjoy story time - at least one or two little (ie - 5 page, few words, etc.) books. before he just wouldn't sit still, the pictures and colors didn't seem to phase him. but now he'll sit and look and listen, which is good, because i've been wanting to get in the habit of reading to him, but it was hard to do so when he just wasn't up for it.

moving in the crib: milo has just barely begun to start movin' and a groovin' in his crib. it only happened a few times last week, but often he would stretch and lift his butt off the mattress and kick his legs, so then he'd wind up laying the width of the crib instead of the length. really this only happened a few times when he was still wide awake and we tried to put him down thinking he was tired. he was not too thrilled about it. when he scooted so much that his head was pressing up against the crib slats, he really wasn't happy about it. it hasn't happened much in the crib since, but when we put him on his back on the playmat, he often scootches around that as well.

hair: it seems to be growing like weeds - or at least it's getting a lot thicker, and a little longer. this silky blond tuft covering his little head, i love it.

monologuing: he babbles and talks so much now, i'm convinced he knows what he's saying and that he thinks he's communicating with us effectively. the fluctuations and variety of jarbles that come out of his mouth are fascinating, but it makes me even more anxious to start hearing real words come out of his little mouth.

tummy time: since dr. bob told us milo wasn't getting enough tummy time, i've been making sure to give him more. he's still not crazy about it, but he's getting more content, and he continues to kick his legs lots and hold himself up.

plus two bonus categories!
bath-time: i think milo is starting to realize that bath-time can be fun. not fully there yet, but there was definitely a look of curious wonderment at his most recent bath on wednesday. i tried to show him the fun of splashing, but i think he'll need a few more baths before he figures it out on his own.

playing footsie: it seems like milo's feet are almost always on the go, with sleeping being his one exception. when he's eating, he presses his feet up against the arm of the rocking chair and almost plays with it with his feet. when we hold him or he's on his back, he plays footsie with himself. when he's in his exersaucer, he kicks and lifts his feet off the floor of it. and of course, when he's in his jumping, his feet are preoccupied with lift-off.

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