Monday, March 21, 2011

i call it "floomphing"

lately milo has been flailing his arms and legs with a lot more oomph than usual.

he's also figuring out how to stick his butt in the air and push his feet on the ground. i think this is an attempt at crawling, but clearly he hasn't really got a handle on how to add all the components together. (and really, he's only up on his forearms/hands, he has yet to discover how to get his knees under his torso.)

and when he gets tired of tummy time, i hold his hands while he stands, a little wobbly on his legs, and tries to take steps. i'm not convinced he realizes that he's walking, or that if he could simply keep himself balanced while standing, he could actually go places.

late last night (or really, early this morning, as it was about 3:30 am?) ben helped me teach milo how to self-soothe. it was both exhausting and comforting - milo just hasn't been sleeping well, but we know he's getting enough to eat. at this point, i know he's just getting up out of habit. ben took over going in and helping him calm down without a bottle, and it was a huge help to finally discuss and decide together how we want to go about this whole business of "sleep training"...

i'm not looking forward to the next few weeks, and perhaps it was foolish to try starting this right before my little jaunt back down to chicago for some pampered chef parties, but i'm tired of being tired and trying to help milo fall back asleep at night when really, he needs to learn how to get himself back to sleep. (he's totally discovered how to suck on his thumb, now if only he'd utilize it in the middle of the night...)

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