Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oh criminy...

i'm posting again because tomorrow we leave for chicago, and i don't want to forget when this first happened for realsies.

milo is now intentionally rolling. and not just rolling one way, but both ways.

before it was more of a "whoops, i leaned too far over while propped up on my arms." but not this. i looked to the monitor after he had stopped making noise, as i'd just put him down for a nap. he had been fussing for awhile, but he was fine, just annoyed that i'm not holding him while he falls asleep. anyhow, i saw that his back was to the camera - this was new. i thought he was possibly on his belly, and worried that he could be face down in the crib and not able to roll back over, i creeped in as quietly as i could, but as soon as i poked my head in, he rolled back over and smiled at me.

he did this to me twice, and then again to ben... what a little stinker!

he was more so on his side than his belly, but he's gotten to his belly as well, and was able to roll back over just fine...

so there's another milestone!

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