Tuesday, March 22, 2011


we had HUGE thunderstorms last night. cracks of lightning and rolling thunder and rain that beat down so hard it almost sounded like hail.

when we went to sleep last night after putting milo down, i was mentally preparing myself for the many wakings and tear filled complaints, "but mooommmmmmmm, you used to always give me a bottle to help me fall back asleep, why are we stopping now? waaaaaaahhhhh!"

and while our power went out (albeit briefly), and ben and i both awoke many times to what seemed like lightning right in our backyard, milo slept through the whole thing.


yup. didn't wake up once.

i'd like to think that ben and i are so effective at "sleep training" that it only took us a day and a half (ha!), but somehow i have this sneaking suspicion that maybe all that rain and "white noise" as they call it - even with the bright flashes and loud crashes - helped him sleep better?

anyhow, let's just say, i needed that 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. (well, okay, maybe it wasn't exactly "uninterrupted" as we did wake up a bunch, but the wakings had nothing to do with a distraught little boy, which meant no guilt complex for mommy, and at 5:30 a.m. when he finally did wake up, i was happy and ready to go.)

and while he slept great last night, i'm not about to expect it again tonight, because when i do and then it doesn't happen, i get hulk-like miffed, and cranky-mommy is no fun for anyone.

and now... on with the day! :)

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