Thursday, March 10, 2011


i had to say something about it. i had to open my big fat mouth.

(last night he woke up at 2 a.m., fussed when i tried to put him back down after a 1 oz. bottle, but then slept again till about 6:30-ish.)

i was really hoping we'd hit four days in a row with this sleeping overnight thing and maybe make a habit out of it.

other things i forgot to mention that he's doing now:

his hand-motor skills are getting more and more impressive - purposefully grabbing the toys on his exersaucer, putting more toys to his mouth (i think for the chew factor), munching on fingers, thumbs and fists, curiously feeling the different textures of toys, grabbing mister hoots during a weekly photo session and flinging him around (i think he's trying to teach mister hoots the art of flight).

the grab-and-drop has become an unconscious regular as well.

he seems to be getting better acquainted with tummy time - i try to help him prop up higher than he does on his own (as in, next movement would be onto his knees for crawling), just so he can get that higher perspective. when he's low on his elbows, he waves and kicks his feet like a merman out of water.

and pretty much any time i look at him sweetly and say "hi milo" he flashes me a huge grin.

(i think he really likes me.)

he also has moments where he can self-entertain and no longer requires my constant, undivided, 100%, take notes 'cause there'll be a final exam on this attention, which is incredibly helpful. i mean, it might only be a minute here or there, but it's a start.

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